Audio is just as important as video!

When I meet with clients I always stress to them how important audio is in our wedding films.  The bride and groom are the story tellers along with the priest and reception speeches.  We need audio to tell your story.  There are always a couple suggestions that I offer.  I highly suggest exchanging cards at your wedding.  If your comfortable, we would love to film you reading your cards.  We can capture some amazing footage and audio during this time.  We never pressure our clients to read their cards, but it can add some great emotion.  One of our biggest suggestions is writing your own vows.  Doing this will make your film very personal and add so much to your wedding film.  I’ve seen many weddings that the bride and groom write their own vows, but also say traditional vows afterwards.  I know some churches don’t allow this, but if your venue does, I highly suggest it.

Here a couple of wedding films we shot that the couples wrote their own vows.  I think you will agree it adds so much to a wedding film.